Kyle King

Name: Kyle King

Description: Kyle is a bioengineer with an interest in lean startups and human health. He has developed novel microfluidic technology, co-created immersive MRI goggles for kids, and worked as a Systems Engineer for a medical instrument company. One of his first positions was at SustainaMetrix where he gained experience truly understanding people and solving wickedly difficult problems. Kyle is driven to apply those lessons and make a meaningful difference.

Projects at SustainaMetrix: As an intern during his summer and winter breaks, he aided in the research of Coastal Zone Management programs in Puerto Rico, CNMI, and Guam. Ahead of meeting with each jurisdiction, Kyle researched the enabling conditions for ecosystem governance, identified key stakeholders, and summarized major historical events. 

Headshot: Feel free to crop/zoom as needed

Something: Kyle wanted to be a biologist, veterinarian, or a bike shop mechanic and luckily ended up as a Bioengineer with a mix of all three.

Superhero name: KLB (Kyle Likes Bikes)