Jeff Harasimowicz

Jeff is a film producer with a passion for telling stories about amazing people doing amazing things in amazing places. Having worked with industry leaders like Avi Arad (founder of Marvel Studios) and Harvey Weinstein (founder of Miramax and The Weinstein Company) Jeff is on a mission to unite the world of mainstream entertainment with impactful, change-driving stories that make the world a better place. His company, Raised By Wolves, partners with filmmakers, production companies and brands around the world to bring these stories to life.  

Projects, activities or other contributions made while collaborating with SustainaMetrix - None... yet.

Great head shot - best if it is one taken outside - Hopefully the attached will work. I have two versions, one is a close up, the other is what I was really doing, though I don't know if it will be well suited for your site. Your call. To be fair, it was subsistence fishing in tribal waters. 

Something you would like the world to know about your life (related to your superstardom) - From the moment I watched Terminator 2 on LaserDisc in the 5th grade, I knew the movie business was the life for me. Not ashamed to admit that at all. 

Superhero name if so inclined - El Jefe