Jack Salamone

As of 2017, Jack is a rising senior at Loyola University Maryland pursuing a degree in Global Studies. This major is interdisciplinary: providing a background primarily in sociology, history, political science, and economics.  

With this broad education, Jack has decided to seek a career in digital marketing.  Using his passion for media, strong technological intuition, and imaginative capacity, he aspires to one day be Creative Director of a major media outlet.

SustainaMetrix has provided Jack with the tools necessary to move towards his goals. Working directly with SM leadership, his creative ability and communication skills have been challenged and expanded. He has been pushed to think outside the box, developing his own position within SustainaMetrix LLC. as Intern in charge of Web Design and managment of Social Media.  

Jack graduates Spring of 2018 and hopes to find work relating to digital media in the Greater Portland area.