Brent Whitaker

·         Full name that you want listed on the site   Brent R Whitaker M.S., D.V.M

·         Brief description of your superhuman skill set - try to limit to three sentences I am an aquatic animal veterinarian with a specialty in amphibian medicine. My skills include management, animal care, exhibit design, team building/collaboration, and program development.

·         Projects, activities or other contributions made while collaborating with SustainaMetrix University of New England MARC Program Evaluation; Tours at NA for Sustainamentrix,

·         Great head shot - best if it is one taken outside

·         Something you would like the world to know about your life (related to your superstardom)The most rewarding thing for me personally is to participate in the preservation of our future. For me, this has been best accomplished by providing others with the opportunity to engage and be engaged. In this way, I can positively influence the conservation of our environments, the animals that live in them, and the people that rely on them in a way that grows over time.